So this is my problem, and also my passion.
I love interior design, everywhere I go I see improvements, how something can be much more beautiful. Now I need to pick a study. I get help to do that, but well.. Eventually I have to like it. Right now I think it’ll be Interior Design at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy or Human Resource Management at the HAN. So that’s kinda different. And I’m always open minded. I can’t make decisions very well. Always doubt everything. But I hope the help that is given me can get me through this. I’ve been doing a lot of tests concerning language, grammar, math, sense, logic and much more. Soon I will get the results, I’m very curious. Well, to come back  to my passion: Interior Design. I’m always looking around me. What is beautiful, stuff I don’t like, colors with a kind of influence, everything. I made a collage of what I want my home to be like. You see I like the modern things, but I really love old stuff as well, those vintage interiors. I like when people integrate all kinds of stuff. So this is that collage. Well, I’m a person who changes her mind very often (as with studies), so it could be changed in a couple of months. But isn’t that just refreshing?


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