I wasn’t really happy when I found out I like women more than men. I just wanted it to go away. I wanted to be ‘normal’. But now I embrace it and I’m proud of myself that I accept myself so I am able to be myself. Haha, well, that’s a funny sentence. I feel as free as a bird, cause every person who’s important to me accept it.^^ Except one person, still need to tell it to, but well, that’s a private matter. :) People say so many girls force to be bisexual or lesbian , but  I think that’s because people tolerate and accept it more than in the past (at least here in the Netherlands). I mean, it was a ‘disease’ back then and everyone acted like that. But now they feel free to be who they are. It’s not a 21st century thing, it’s an all-centuries thing. It’s just that no one could tell, cause no one dared to.

I think love is love and love is beautiful. It’s the most precious thing in the world. And no one can touch it, buy it or steal it. It’s within yourself and its yours to give. It’s in everything. And if you know what love feels like, you know it’s not a disease. It’s a gift to share.

As a woman with a man, as a woman with a woman and as a man with a man.


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