There is one thing I love. What really makes me happy. Food. I must say; foreign food. And chocolate! Haha. I love the Netherlands, really, you can do and say almost everything here, but the food is hideous. Really. Ieuwlg. I  love oriental food. There’s a restaurant nearby and you can eat there limitless. I absolutely love the word limitless. They wok vegetables and meat for you and everything else you give them and then you pick a sauce and there’s your dish. But that’s not everything; there’s a grill too. You can say what you want (steak, salmon, mushrooms, chicken, fillet of sole, chops and so on) and a charming man with sweat drops all over takes care of it. When it’s ready you get some terriyaki-sauce and there’s another dish. And you have some sushi or some Chinese dishes like babi pangang or baked banana. You have no idea how tasty it is. 20 euros for a whole evening limitless food. Heaven, I would say. You only need to pay some drinks. Okay, enough about the restaurant. So I love food, and thank god I have the ability to eat and not become a whale or something. When people give me food I love, I love them, haha.

Love goes through the stomach!

And chocolate, I love chocolate. Especially brownies.
I found this recipe and I guess it works out quite well! Isn’t it looking delicious <3


Like This!


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