I think my grandmother is one of the most beautiful, inspiring people in the world. She’s really someone I look up to. My grandmother and -father are both older than 80 and they’re still living together in their house. Full of life, but a little less energy. They always went to Switzerland for the holidays. Walking miles and miles. Unfortunately they had to stop their tours because they got old, and that’s not something you can avoid.
A while ago my father and I went to my grandmother and -father. Just chatting and catching up. So my grandmother asked what I would like to drink. Coffee, thee, chocolate-milk.. Well,  I love chocolate and it was sooo cold outside, so yes, chocolate-milk it is. So she opened a present she had for Christmas. There they were: Sticks with chocolate. Just some warm milk and put it in and there you have it; the best chocolate-milk in the world.^^ (Add some sugar :) ) So, try this! They’re not super cheap neither super expensive. Grandmalicious!


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