What can really bother me are question like:
Can I do this? Is this possible? Have I got the skills? Am I good enough?
Will I succeed? Will I give up when it gets too hard?
Questions like these are common. People doubt their-selves. People aren’t always independent. For example, I could ask my friends if the choice I make is right. And I know myself well enough to say that their judgement is very important to me. That happens with the things I’m not sure about, when I am sure, I will always listen to myself. I guess I’m really sure 1 in 20, so their judgement help me in most decisions.

But people, NEVER listen to people who are saying that you can’t or that it’s impossible, whatever. Cause everything you can’t, you can learn! And if you think your goal is too high to reach, it’s not.
Isn’t the sky the limit?

I met my best friend about 3 years ago. She is the most determined person I know. She goes on and on, whatever happens. If she wants something, she will have it. While people in class learned 3 days and made their test and their grade was good enough, well that’s nice. But she learned 3 weeks and her grades weren’t always good enough. Did it stop her? Hell no. It didn’t. She kept going and going, while many people said she won’t make it. She never gave up. Eventually we all got our diplomas. Isn’t that wonderful? Lots of respect!
Never give up!


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