It’s not long ago of course, my childhood. My childhood wasn’t really carefree. I grew up too quick, because of things that happened. I also remember, when it felt carefree to me, I was outside within a couple of meters of my house. I played with my friends. Playing with a ball, playing with sand, playing a family, those things almost everyone did as a little kid. But nowadays, kids game, or are vanished behind a smartphone, or  have their own laptop. It makes me really really sad. If I would have a child, I wouldn’t want them to be inside and check their Facebook status again and again. They should play! And feel free to go wherever they want, except being on the computer. Joy is something so powerful. Does anyone think kids get happy when they’re surfing the internet all day? Guess everyone agrees they won’t. Kids grow up too fast. Not because they’re treated differently than other kids, but because the media influence them. They get sleeping issues, information stress (they gather more information than they can handle), concentration problems at school and so on. It’s shown that kids getting worse grades.

But can you stop it?

Unfortunately we’re in an information-era. Everywhere you go, you see it; commercials, ads and so on. I think the only way to manage it is trying to talk with your kid. The information won’t stop coming, to forbid someone something has never worked quite well. I hope, if I get kids, I will learn them to play instead of over-labor their thoughts and their bodies.



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