I hate the relationship between my brain and my heart. They always have bitchy fights. You’re going to do this? Okay, well I’m going to do that. My heart isn’t really wise, but it’s the one I listen to most times. Stupid don’t you think? Yeah, that’s what you think, but thinking can’t win, cause feelings are taking you over. I’m really bad at listening to myself. But hey, it’s not that they only fight each other! Nooo, my heart has two personality’s. So they’re fighting too. What a circus. It’s like being in an amusement park. I want to go there, but I want to go there too, but that’s more fun, but maybe there are less queues! Aaah, driving me crazy! Well, everyone knows, when the heart gets her way and it’s a bad decision, you learn from it. But of course the brain needs to be the one to use it wisely, because the heart will always play a part. But I’m free right now. Thank God. I can do whatever I want and that’s when the heart and brain leave each other alone. Victory! Hopefully.


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