I love liking girls, but sometimes it gives me hard times too. There aren’t many girls who like girls and looking at me, because I’m really a girly-girl. It bothers me sometimes. There aren’t as much lesbians as heteros and guys still look at me that way I want a nice girl to look at me. And the moment when you like someone, it’s very hard to let go. Sometimes you’re lucky, but this time luck wasn’t mine. So there I am. Thinking how cold it is in here and how great it would be to have someone beside me who loves me and I can give all love she deserves.

It’s not that I don’t like being single or anything, but sometimes when it gets hard you need that shoulder to cry on or the one who knows everything about you. One look in her eyes and you know what happened. It’s just that magic you miss. Someone who can be there for you, eternally.

When you like someone it has no function yet. That’s the whole issue, cause you want the conversations and sweet attention, but nothing has been created. It’s hard to know that’ll never happen either. While there’s such a magnet going on. You keep liking it more and more. So what’s you heart telling you to do? Keep filling that happy feeling you get when you’re in touch with each other and please don’t go back where you’re from, cause I had enough of it. My head listens to it and has nothing to say, but if it agrees? It’s more a fight he already lost.



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