So this would be my moment of relaxing. I wish I had some sort of place. Somewhere in a warm country, this bath, a cocktail and loved ones. I always think about moving to those countries, but the negative about it would be that it’ll become normal. I think it’s great to be somewhere for 3 weeks and think about it many times, good memories. So you can come back there sometimes. It needs to be special.

Beautiful memories are an enrichment to your life.


Like This!


2 thoughts on “#2 Happy tiny things

  1. you’re right—the novelty wears off of everything. i just moved down to a place on the coast of FL. it’s cool but doesn’t seem as awesome as when i first moved in. I actually notice this happens in music as well. as a songwriter and listener i find that after listening to/playing a song ten times, i don’t experience it the same way anymore b/c i’ve grown accustomed to it i think. i just started a video blog discussing some of these ideas along with some live playing because i think it’s really fascinating. anyway, good post—i agree!

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