I love it to just be somewhere. Alone. Just my thinking and feelings and I. I like it to be on the street, especially when it’s dark. It seems like you’re more alone than ever. I feel comfortable then. Like I only need myself to survive this world. I forget everything; people, love, hatred. I think that’s what the whole world is made of. People, love and hatred. And some things in between. What would there be without them? Animals, nature, light and darkness. And that’s all I want at those moments. I do feel. I do feel love, but it’s another kind. Love that never changes. Love in its purest form.

I think of how full I am with all the chirping of the birds and the sounds of locusts. It’s something that makes me feel peaceful. There’s a large park close to my house and sometimes, mostly in the summer, I take my bike and cycle to the most beautiful place. It’s at the highest point. And there is this seat. You can see a huge part of the park from there. It’s really beautiful. It’s not that I go there often, but sometimes it’s just the time for it. Time to reset my mind and think about things all over again. I love it up there. I wish I could share this place with all of you, without meeting you. It’s just a magical place with yourself or with someone you love, not with a stranger. I hope you all got some sort of beautiful place.

Somewhere to think about the sounds of nature and the pure form of love.


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