So yesterday I felt really really down, but now I feel like I’m regenerated again. Wow, it feels great. So, please people, don’t think you’re weak when you cry. You’re just making yourself stronger. It’s okay to be weak sometimes, crying isn’t something forbidden. It’s a sign you’ve been strong for too long. So I woke up this morning and I thought about the night before. It was such a contrast to the person that woke up. So I feel great right now. And of course, the sun shines for the first time after a looong winter where I live. The sun is my best friend, it makes me happy at times it’s getting really hard. Vitamine D for life! Take care, people. :)

Don’t worry, be happy.         -Bob Marley


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5 thoughts on “No worries

  1. I feel absolutely down yesterday. But today, seems like, yesterday was just.. the reason why I am okay today. <3

  2. How ironic. But you have to be strong. Though sometimes being strong isn’t enough. It’s crazy. Haha. Oh well.

  3. I’m with you there – it’s a wonder the difference a sunny day can make to your mood :) We had a fabulous day of sun today (the first day since last… August?!). Just having some time alone, sitting outside with a good book and a coffee, watching the cats play in the grass – just totally refreshing. Total mood change. Very sweet post :)

    • Yes, it makes everything perfect, even the simplest things like sitting on a chair outside. When the sun touches your skin it’s like you get filled with joy and energy. Is it the warmth we miss or the vitamine D? Haha, I don’t care, as long as it works for us! Thank you very much and also for your comment!

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