So shopping is something I like a lot. When I have money I can barely hold myself from spending it all. Now everyone knows about the online shop of H&M. And of course the codes (1304, 0241) you can use to get discount, while you wouldn’t get it when you buy it in the actual store. Sooo, I wanted to buy a jeans. And now I have a blouse too. And because I have no vest for the whole outfit, I bought a vest too. And with all the discount I came at a price of 44,76. Shit, that wasn’t what I wanted, but, well lets try and when I don’t like it I return everything and get a pass to eventually give the money I spent to H&M anyway instead of much more important things. I always buy more than I want to. So don’t follow my lead, guys, haha!

So,  I wanted to show you what I bought! I hope I like it. ^^ It’s a lot different of what I would normally wear.
I already have the bottom two, but those are what I would like to wear it with. Tell me what you think of it!


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