Yes, it’s my birthday. I’m twenty now. In the Netherlands I join the ‘tiggers‘ now. We write twenty as twintig here and ‘tig‘ comes after all the ages after twenty. 21 = eenentwintig. 32 = tweeëndertig. 63 = drieënzestig. 89 = negenentachtig. Until you get hundred. 100 = honderd. So, I hope you understand, haha. It’s a little bit complicated. But I join the group and it sounds like I’m old now, haha. Well you are how you feel and I’m feeling twenty and I don’t feel old. I mean, come on. Twenty? What’s that? 1/5 of my life? Haha, hope so!

You are the way you’re feeling!


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4 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. Happy birthday! I wish you health and love-those things are needed and the rest can come in time.

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