Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. What is my purpose in this world? Is it to make myself happy, is it that I’m here to make others happy, is it that I will contribute to the world someday, is it that I’m important? People, a lot of people, believe in a god. I don’t, but when I’m in situations of need, sometimes I think of him. Ask myself if he maybe watches me while not believing. Thinking of him that he thinks I’m goofy, because I sometimes put my hands together and think how bad I want or don’t want something to happen. It’s stupid right? I mean, I never think of him, only when things aren’t going the way I planned. Selfish? Yes, I think I’m selfish sometimes. It’s like having a friend you only talk to when you have problems and when they’re fixed they can go. There were people treating me like that and it was very hard for me to get over it, but thank god that it only makes me stronger. Thank god.. I have no idea if anyone watches us out there. I’m pretty sure there isn’t. I’m a believer, but not in a god, in science. But science isn’t everything. I experienced one thing no one can explain to me, ever. There are ghosts out there, I’m pretty sure about that. Science can’t explain ghosts. Someone I know can see them. One day she told me how she was chilling on the couch with her mom and she just said, ‘mom, someone’s sitting next to you’. It was her first experience. I don’t think someone would lie about that. Why would you? So, there’s more, but a man or a woman or some vague appearance floating in the sky…? I don’t know, I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful people can believe in something that has never proven to exist, but still can get support because of it, it can comfort them in hard times. I respect those people.

So.. I believe in science, I believe in spirituality and I believe in myself.


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