Sometimes someone appears into your life and you’re so thankful. You instantly drop everything and let that someone enter you. Your thoughts, your doings, your havings, your wantings, your life. You talk and talk while it isn’t fully allowed. You think you begin to like that someone and after a while you discover you think that someone is just really, really special and so creative and kind. Of  course there were imperfections, but someone needs imperfections to let you see how strong they really are, how they cope with it, how they can bear it. People are tend to do things that are not allowed. It gives tension to a situation and some are looking for that. We both weren’t looking for any kind of tension and we still talked. We talked a lot. The allowance was getting less and less. I really wanted to take time and figure her out, but she’s not letting me. She can’t.

We haven’t talked in 2 days and I think it’s slowly making sense why. It’s not worth the fights that happened because of it, it’s not worth the sadness. I don’t belong in her life. She can’t be in mine. I’m thankful for the way she listened and told me a part of her story. I’m thankful for her view at the world and she made me look different at it. It was there already, already inside of me, but she activated it. I found the child hiding inside me. I’m so serious in everything and she made me think I can be serious whenever I want, but I can’t be a child whenever I want. The time is right now and I should take my time. So, thank you.

I treasure the time we talked and your effort. I hope you enjoyed our conversations and our exchange of views and thoughts. I hope we will talk some day in the future again, cause I’m already wondering how you are doing.

All my love and keep your head up. You’re a whirlwind and a breeze and they’re perfect in their own ways and moments. The hardest battles are for the greatest soldiers and it gets worse before it gets better. Believe in yourself, love yourself, because you’re worth it, sweetheart. <3


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