It’s so strange how some things happen. It’s super strange when it happens to you twice. When I was younger I started on a new school, because the current one was too simple. I was in 3th class back then and everything was totally new and strange and great and scary and beautiful. I think I made that school my home the previous 4 years. And because of that school I became to know my forever-friends.

First there was this girl and she changed class because she didn’t like the children. She came to my class and because I know how hard it is to enter a class which already became a group, I asked her if she wanted to sit with the people I met and I. Grateful she said ‘yes’ and that was the beginning of my most treasured friendship. We went to school together, we went to prom together, we went through puberty together, we went on holidays together, she saw me change and I saw her change, but we changed together.

The first day I saw her was 6 years ago and we’re like sisters now. When I’m with her at her home it’s like I’m home myself. I love her and her mother and little sister as if they’re my family. I’m so thankful for having them.

I just can’t think about what would’ve happened if I didn’t ask her to come and sit with us, so I’m not going to do that. I’m just thinking about all the love that’s released, because of our friendship.
We never need to say anything, we just know. I will never lose this girl.

I love you, Elise!!


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