So I just came back from London and I enjoyed it so much! I bought like everything I liked and that’s why I’m broke right now, but it’s worth it! You can get anything there, from posters to clothes and from maps to Polaroid’s. (I bought one, hope it works, haha) Really, everything is near you. I like the underground too, it just doesn’t matter you miss one, the second will come 1 minute after. Great. We could learn something about that with all our trains not riding and our buses coming too late. So now it’s really my time to back off. I had one month of vacation and they were both heavenly, ofcourse, but damn I’m spoiled, though I payed for it myself. So I bought the books of the Hunger Games in English for barely 6 pounds! I already read it in my own language, but I think I’m closer to the story when I read it in it’s actual language. I began one day ago and now I’m at page 393 of 454 and I know I will be ready this evening, can’t stop reading. I love the Hunger Games.

I bought so much there, I will show you some pictures. My whole bed was filled with stuff.

OH! Almost forgot, I’ve been to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour in London! IT’S SO AWESOME!
We are both Harry Potter fans and we bought tickets for the 27th of June, so we went there. Undergound-underground-train-bus, and there we were! Enthusiastic, emotional and all. When we came in we saw kids wearing a school uniform just like in the movies, so cute. Later we first went to a room in which we watched a short film about Harry Potter. Tears began appearing, but I didn’t want to cry so I kept myself strong, haha. It’s so overwhelming to think about what that story did to your life. Harry stands for so much. Courage, strength, love, trust and¬†perseverance. Maybe his adventures are not like us. We don’t have to really beat dragons or save our loved ones from someone with lots of power and followers, but we all do have our things we need to fight and when I look at what Harry Potter did for his loved ones, it’s beautiful. It gives people someone to watch. It’s not some movies and books for me, it was my youth, it was the story I grew up with and I’m so glad I could experience that.

So, something else, I’m in love with Emma Watson and I’m in love with the character Hermione Granger too, as many of us may are. Therefore, I bought her wand and it’s just that little 0.000000001% I carry with me from the story and the character that makes me so happy. So I promised you some pictures.




















































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