This has been a long long long long long long time ago.. I’m kinda busy lately. I began studying. I like it. You know all my concerns about it? Well, I figured out to just go with it and see for myself. No one can say if it’s the right choice or not. Go and feel.

(Why can’t I get this text larger? :( I am a little more enthusiastic than this)

And I love her and she makes me feel so special.
And she’s so smart.


Except for my situation at home I feel so good. My new hobby is kinda refreshing, but I can mention I’m someone of challenges. I love them.. So I make some cute stuff. Love it and then I want more and more. So.. If I want to do that ‘more’, I need a sewing-machine I can’t afford. I CAN’T AFFORD. So that’s not gonna happen. I hope my mom has one. I know she does, but that thing is like so old and brown and covered with dust. I don’t think it still works. I hope she has another one, hihi. So this is one of my projects, I gave it to my girlfriend <3 <3 <3:



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