Vera (enjoylifethebestyoucan).

This is so cute! Thank you very much, Dette!


13 thoughts on “Vera (enjoylifethebestyoucan)

  1. This made me smile! You didn’t have toooo. But thank you, again! ^^

    I guess we’re doing an endless thanks to each other, eh? Haha! ^^

      • Naaw! Thanks for liking it! (Okay, seriously, how many thanks have we made already? Haha)

        I can say it’s special. You know why? Because for the very first time in my life, I’ve made an entry blog post where my topic was a person whom I don’t really know but appreciated what she did or have said. So yeah. It’s worth the post. ^^

      • Oh my. Youuuu! You make me giggle. Hihi! ^^ But it is special. Haha. I won’t forget this day, 18th of march! That I just met someone who always say thanks! Haha^^

      • Glad I made you laugh or smile? Or even think ’twas funny. Thank you? Hahaha! ^^ See. I told you you’re a cool person. ^^

      • I’m not? Haha. That’s cool. :D

        I see that you’re from Holland? Why are you still up? ^^

      • I did a little research you see. Haha! Kidding! Plus when you sleep late the surrounding is so quiet because everybody’s sleeping. It feels like you own the world. Haha. Okay now that’s weird. XD

      • Truuue! I like being alone too! By that you can do whatever you want without being stopped because of them. Cute one, having your little own world. Haha. ^^ why do you want to be alone sometimes? :)

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