So I like making things myself. Unfortunately my room isn’t really big, it’s really small. But when I have a house of my own I’m definitely going to try some stuff. Some examples below:

Requirements: beautiful pictures and texts, sided tape.
How to: You can put it right on the wall, but you can also cut a heart out of paper, mdf or canvas and put the pictures and texts on it. Very simple and really nice.

scrabblekunstScrabble Art
Requirements: Scrabble cubes, a picture frame, glue and white paper.
How to: Paint  the word or phrase you have chosen on the white paper with glue. Put the white paper into the frame. In a ‘standard’ frame you can’t put the glass in it because the cubes are too thick, but with the frame ‘Ribba’ (the square version) from Ikea it will fit.

theelichtijzerdraadTea-lights holder 
Requirements: Iron wire, pliers to bow the iron wire, tongs to cut the iron wire and tea-lights.
How to: Cut a large piece of iron wire. Make the bottom first, then wrap the wire around the tea-lights.
You can use a LED light too, if you think real ones are too dangerous.


Photo pendant
Requirements: Hanger, beautiful pictures or text, nail and a hammer.
How to: Put your photo or text (about A4 size) in the hanger. You can fasten it on the wall with a nail.


Magazines stool

Requirements: Old magazines with a large back, 4 meters of a black band with a width of 3 centimeters, buckles and a sewing machine.
How to: Pile the magazines. Secure the buckles to the belt. This can be done by stabbing the black belt through the buckles, than you make a loop and you can close tapping that loop with the sewing machine.
Put the black belt around the magazines. Pull the straps firmly and put the end of the strap through your buckle.

Jar of luck
Requirements: Preserving jar, a rope, a tag/label, a pen and a broken cup that’s dear to you or anything you want to put in it.
How to: Put the pieces in a preserving jar. Put a label on it with a string and write on it what’s in it.

I really love the ideas. <3

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