1. Eat More Snacks

Massive portion sizes and rampant overeating are a big part of our struggle to stay thin. So when it comes to weight loss, there’s one simple solution that always works — just eat less food. Follow the tips in this gallery and you’ll be eating less and feeling healthier!

It might sound crazy, but eating more often actually means eating less food overall. Remember how your mother used to say that you’ll “spoil” your dinner by eating a snack? Well, that’s exactly what you should try to do. Eat small 100-200 calorie snacks in between meals to reduce your hunger level and prevent overeating at lunch and dinner. Here are a few healthy things you snack on:

String cheese

2. Eat Water-Saturated Foods

Water is a great weight loss and hunger-reduction tool, and drinking just a couple glasses of water with your meal will help you eat less. However, if you’re not a fan of water’s bland taste, then try eating water-saturated foods instead.This means filling up on fruits and vegetables such as:


3. Replace Carbs With Proteins

Carbohydrates fill you up quickly, but the effect soon disappears as your body processes them into energy. Instead, go for protein-packed foods that provide a long-lasting sense of fullness. For example, try eating a sandwich with less bread and more meat. It should have a similar amount of calories, but you’ll stay full longer!

4. Slow Down Between Bites

While it’s tempting to scarf down your delicious meal in less than a minute, try being a little more patient. Between each bite, set down your food and take time to thoroughly chew. Not only will slowing down allow your body to recognize that it’s full, but you’ll also have a better chance to actually enjoy your meal. If you’re currently only taking 5-10 minutes to eat, work on extending that time to 15-20 minutes.

5. Use Smaller Dishes

One “big” problem that we have today is that everything is designed for massive quantities of food. Our plates are larger, cups are wider, and bowls are deeper. All of these excessive quantities add up to consuming more food and more calories. Try swapping out your dishes for a much smaller set. You’ll notice a difference right away!

6. Pre-Portion Food

If you’re like most people, you eat straight from a bag of chips. While it’s convenient and easy, it’s also a terrible idea if you’re trying to eat less food. It’s almost impossible to resist eating just one more chip, and before you know it, you’ve eaten half of the bag. This concept not only applies to chips, but really any food that comes in multiple servings. Try pre-portioning your food by measuring it and sealing it in small Ziploc bags.

7. Keep a Food Journal

It’s going to be hard to tell whether you’re eating less food or not unless you keep track. Start keeping a food journal of everything you eat throughout the day. Not only will this make you more conscious of your eating habits, but you can also track your caloric intake to check if you’re making progress. You should record these things in your journal:

Type of food
Quantity of food
Time it was eaten
Don’t forget to record drinks

8. Brush Teeth After Dinner

For some people, one of the biggest causes of overeating is the late-night snack. Eating right before you go to bed is bad for digestion and tacks on a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet. This is not to mention the fact that most late-night snacks usually consist of greasy leftovers or sugary desserts. To prevent this extra meal, you should brush your teeth immediately after you eat dinner. You’ll be a lot less likely to reach for those cookies when your mouth tastes minty and fresh.

I’m going to try these tips myself. Hope it will pay off. :)


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