On the 28th of May I will go to three islands of Greece, called the Sporades islands, with my best friend. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m looking at websites all over the internet for information and the places to be. I tried to make a plan, but there’s so much to see, I don’t know where to start. I think everyone knows Mamma Mia and those terrific places where they filmed it? These are those islands!

If anyone knows something about Alonissos, Skiathos or Skopelos, tell me about it!
What did you like and what do we need to see!?

We will go there for 3 weeks, one week per island. WOW! I’m thinking about it all the time <3
Here some pictures of our possible accommodations:

At Alonissos:

Hotel Paradise Alonissos 0

Hotel Paradise Alonissos 2
At Skiathos:

Arko Skiathos 1

Elenis Village Skiathos 0

Elenis Village Skiathos 2
At Skopelos:

Aeolos Skopelos 0

Aeolos Skopelos 2

Rigas House Skopelos 0

Rigas House Skopelos 1

Sunrise Village Skopelos 0
I’m wondering which accommodation we will get and where it will be. Almost all of them are in the city area, but one accommodation in Alonissos isn’t. I hope we won’t go there!

You can do so much when you’re there, boat-trips with other tourists to the national marine park. You can see seals and dolphins there. It’s a protected area. You can call Skiathos the island of tourists, but Skopelos and Alonissos are less popular. Not because they aren’t fun, but they’re not discovered by tourists yet, so you have all the old-fashioned villages. On the island of Alonissos you can see all kinds of beaches. If you’re out there for one month, you can find a new beach everyday. That’s why I have no idea where to start, because there’s so much to see! I think I want to come back there when I’m older, but first this trip! I already love it so much!!











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3 thoughts on “Greece

      • I live in Bulgaria so only a few hours drive from Greece. We have a wonderful seaside, but water is nothing compared to Greedce – just certain parts. It’s too crowded though.

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